In order to see how much tips have been handled and to whom over a specific time there is now a tip report.

The report shows the tip divided by logged-in employee at the POS checkout. Tips that are not handled by logged-in employees are listed under other tips.

Access to the report

The report can be generated in the Admin portal.

Navigate in the top menu by clicking on “REPORTS” and then “TIP REPORT”.

Generate the report

To generate a report, select a desired time interval by selecting one from time to time.

Date and time interval.

Click on the date/time to get a dialog to select date and time as below.

Selecting date and time.

Then to start the generation of the report press “GENERATE REPORT” button.

A dialogue will appear while the report is being generated, please wait.

When the report is done the dialogue will disappear and a pdf-file will be downloaded and can be found under downloads in your browser.

Report description

The tips are listed per employee and the tip that is not linked to an employee is listed under other tips.

At the end we sum up the total amount sold incl. VAT and the total tip.

If there are no purchases with tips during the given intervals, the report will look as below.

No tips during the given interval.

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